About the Center

RNA biology has emerged as one of the most influential areas in modern biology and medicine. Cutting-edge advances in RNA biology and technology are propelling medicine and our understanding of Nature across broad new frontiers. The Center for RNA Biology and Medicine is a research center sponsored by UC Riverside and founded by Professor Sika Zheng of the UCR School of Medicine Division of Biomedical Sciences.

The center cultivates a vibrant, dynamic research environment that amplifies UCR’s deep and unique strengths in RNA research, and interfaces scientific discovery with medical and industrial applications. The Center lays a fluid, forward-facing pipeline from basic to clinical RNA research at UCR and bolster UCR’s worldwide engagement and visibility.

Our researchers are the driving force behind the center; they are committed to our common goals of providing outstanding mentoring to our trainees, using advanced technologies to make new discoveries centered around RNA, and translating our scientific discoveries and technological advancements into tangible medical applications that improve the human condition. Key areas of current research include the elucidation of RNA biogenesis, RNA processing and modifications, RNA coding of phenotypic variability, and establishing the role of RNA in disease and the exploration of RNA-based-and RNA-targeted therapies.

Join Our Team

The center is planning to recruit new researchers in existing and emerging areas of RNA biology while continuing to provide an environment for collaborative research using shared expertise and resources. The center also provides exceptional opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral training in an open and interactive setting.