Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission: 

The future of RNA science will center on new basic-research advances that bridge robustly to applications and innovations. The Center for RNA Biology and Medicine is to cultivate a vibrant research environment for science discovery and innovation. The center will build upon and expand UCR’s active ongoing research in RNA. We will champion our members’ research, foster community, and build collaborative frameworks between prominent RNA researchers and clinicians from within our UCR communities and external research communities. The center will facilitate interdisciplinary interactions and strengthen our members’ success in addressing today’s and tomorrow’s RNA-centric industrial, biomedical, and therapeutic needs.

A key goal of the center is to couple advances in RNA research with training the next generation of RNA researchers, which includes our commitment to increasing the number of individuals from underrepresented groups at the center and various collaborations in STEM.

Our Vision

The Center for RNA Biology and Medicine will be a focal point and an enabling resource for its members and trainees. In connecting and supporting teams of researchers from different disciplines within RNA, across multiple UCR departments, the center will enhance the contributions our members make toward understanding the role of RNA in fundamental biological and chemical processes. It will also open doors to new avenues for scientific and medical advancement. Our successes will accelerate efforts to develop RNA as a tool for science broadly, and to harness the resulting knowledge to improve human health.